Join us for our very first APAC #CloudTechSummit by Lilian Quek

You’re invited to join Microsoft APAC’s first Cloud Tech Summit on 28th June.

In a Cloud first and Mobile first world, both business and technology leaders need to embrace disruptive innovations for a sustainable competitive advantage

Join us for this virtual summit as leaders from UEM Edgenta, Downer Group, PACT, Snowden Group and more come together to share their experiences on how they leveraged innovative technologies such as AI & machine learning, IoT and Big data to accelerate their digital transformation. This inaugural summit brings you 5 tracks on how Azure can help you stay ahead.



Harnessing the power of PaaS to better serve customers  Time: 12:30PM (GMT+8)

Learn how easy it is to implement Platform as a Service to modernise line of business applications or develop new ones that benefit from the most advanced customer focused innovation. Register now


Driving digital transformation with Azure IoT                               Time: 11AM (GMT+8)

Digital transformation can help businesses modernise products, enter new markets and drive change. Learn how Azure took these companies from ground-up to the cloud.  Register now 



Revolutionise your business with Cloud AI & machine learning                                                                                                                      Time: 11AM (GMT+8)

Get industry insights on leveraging machine learning for building smart businesses. Interactive sessions take you through integrating virtual agents, Azure Cognitive Services and more.  Register now



Power-up your business with Big Data                                          Time: 11AM (GMT+8)

Get to customer insights easier, quicker, and at scale, minus infrastructural challenges. Power-up your big data journey with learnings from Just Analytics and Microsoft.  Register now



Bringing the power of cloud to SAP workloads                             Time: 12:30PM (GMT+8)

Hear how by migrating SAP mission critical workloads to Azure, you can reduce your costs with no compromise on security, capability, flexibility and performance.  Register now 



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