Getting Started with the Microsoft Bot Framework by Shawn Tjai

The Microsoft Bot Framework provides a unified platform where a developer can deploy code once but reach multiple platforms such as Skype, Facebook Messenger or Telegram at the click of a button.

The following example is built using the Microsoft Bot Framework, Language Understanding Intelligent Service, Microsoft Translator API and myTransport.SG API.

This is an open source project & step-by-step installation guide to deploy a simple Bus Timing Bot. It is coded in Node.js but you can also use C# to build a bot. Please feel free to fork it for your own purposes.

Demo Bot Flow
SGBusBot Demo Step 1: User sends in a query which LUIS understands through Machine Learning
Step 2: The intents and entities (bus number, bus stop) are sent to the bot’s “brain” for processing
Step 3: Searches the public bus API and matches the data which the user wants
Step 4: The Translator API is used to output into the desired language
Step 5: The Bot Framework Connector then sends the reply back to whichever platform the user is on

Full Instructions On GitHub:

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