RACE TO 100 Hackathon by agnes

UPDATE: Participants please join our FB group http://on.fb.me/18kpSdi

Remember our Hackathon ala NDP Special last year? This year we’re back BIGGER and FASTER!

Theme: Singapore
Dates: 10am 3rd July – 10am 5th August 2013

EDM V1.0

RACE TO 100 is your opportunity to win big with your passion for coding and for Singapore. Develop one or more of the first 100 Windows 8 apps to hit 100 downloads within the contest period and win the race!

Timeline of Events
3rd July – 10am Race Begins: Gadgets up and ready to go!
21st July – 11:59pm Qualifying Submission: You must submit your first app to the store by this date to qualify
5th Aug – 10am Race Ends: All entries should be submitted into the Windows store by this date
9th Aug – Winner’s Event (details coming soon)

Publish 5 apps each with 100 downloads                Acer Iconia W3-810
Publish 3 apps each with 100 downloads                Xbox 360
Publish 1 app with 100 downloads                      XMINI II Speaker Capsule

How Do I Join the Race?
1. Form teams of 1 to 3
2. Develop your first app, put it onto the store by 21st July, 2013, and email the title of your app to t-ciong@microsoft.com
3. Start collecting downloads for your app, until it hits 100
4. Develop more apps
5. Repeat 3 and 4
6. Submit the registration form provided here when you are ready to claim your prize
(You may submit a new form each time you have a new eligible app, but only the latest will be taken into consideration)

How do I know if I am still in the Race?
We will be providing regular updates on Spiffy so that you can gauge your speed and standing.

What else?
We will be throwing an exclusive Winner’s Event on the 9th August where developers can come together for a unique NDP experience, good food, and company. Each winner will be given the opportunity to demonstrate their application to the community, share ideas, receive feedback, and interact with our technical evangelists.

Download our official rules and terms and conditions here and bookmark Spiffy for regular updates.

Need Help? Ideas | Templates | Marketing
Got Questions? Email t-ciong@microsoft.com

Everyone is a winner with Windows 8.


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