We Tech Care 2016 by Shawn Tjai

micro:bit with DPM Tharman
From left: (MSP) Azeem Vasanwala, (MD, Microsoft Singapore) Jessica Tan, (DPM) Tharman Shanmugaratnam

The December edition of Microsoft’s We Tech Care 2016 which was held on 10th December has just concluded!

With over 700 registered participants taking part in the many fringe activities, charity booths as well as the Tech4Good workshops, everybody walked away with lots to share with their family and friends!

Kodu Workshop
Kodu Workshop

One of the highlights was the Hour of Code coding workshops conducted by the Microsoft Student Partners and Microsoft Volunteers. Topics covered includes working with Kodu, BBC’s micro:bit, Minecraft as well as WordPress hosting.

Participants of the micro:bit workshop also had a chance to interact face to face with our Deputy Prime Minister, Tharman Shanmugaratnam when he was brought around the venue after his keynote.

From left: Singapore MSP Lead Shawn Tjai, MSP Deddy Tandean
From left: (Singapore MSP Lead) Shawn Tjai, (MSP) Deddy Tandean

All participants of We Tech Care also had the chance to participate in the huge range of fringe activities, booths as well as listen to the keynote in the main auditorium.

Deputy Prime Minister - Tharman Shammugam
Deputy Prime Minister – Tharman Shanmugaratnam

Lastly, thank you to all MSPs, Microsoft Volunteers and the public for helping out and taking part in this edition of We Tech Care! It would not have been a success without all of your participation!

For more information and news about our upcoming events, do stay tuned to the Microsoft Singapore Facebook Page!

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