“OneDrive can’t transfer files right now” – Fix by Jason Chee

You’ve just hooked your PC up to OneDrive, and perhaps you’re trying to download a large folder (or everything) off it. Halfway through, you get an error: “OneDrive can’t transfer files right now”.

This is actually caused by your PC hitting a local transfer limit (not server sided) of about 500GB. Generally, you can wait a day and it’ll eventually start syncing again. Chances are though, you’d like to fix it immediately. Here’s how:

The fix is relatively simple.

  • Open the Run command (Win+R) and type the following in (or navigate to it in Windows Explorer:
  • Open ClientPolicy.ini
  • Find the MaxClientMBTransferredPerDay variable and change its value from 537600 (525GB) to something higher, like 5376000 (5250GB)
  • Restart OneDrive

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