Spiffy attends a web development conference in Japan by Steven Neo

Konnichiwa! I am currently based in Japan and I was kindly invited to attend Pycon Japan 2012 that is held from 15th September to 17th September at Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology located at Shinagawa, Tokyo. Here’s a brief account of my adventure at my 1st developer conference in Japan.

It was a great Saturday morning at 9am in Shinagawa, Tokyo. The Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology is the host venue for Pycon Japan 2012.


After walking for 5 minutes from the Shinagawa Seaside Train Station, I finally reached the venue.



It was an exciting sight to see the sheer amount of Pycon passes available for collection by the eager participants from all over Asia.



I was so excited about the event that I arrived at the main event hall 30 minutes before the start of Pycon Japan 2012.



Here’s a closer look at my press invite for the event.



At 9:30am, Pycon Japan 2012 is officially opened. The main theme of the convention is to connect and communicate with fellow developers and to share our ideas freely.


Everyone embraced the idea of communicating ideas freely during the convention and proceeded to introduce ourselves to each other.


The keynote of Pycon Japan 2012 is “Happiness Through Ignorance” by Armin Ronacher.


I felt that the keynote was inspiring as it encourages everyone to have the courage to try our ideas. The most important part of developing an idea is the journey and what we can learn from it. We should not be too concerned with failing or else we would never develop or create anything.


And of course, Armin also highlighted our love for Python, which is easy to learn and fun to use.


After the end of the keynote, everyone dispersed to their respective Japanese and English sessions for the day.


A big thank you to the Pycon Japan committee and Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology for a successful convention. I had a great time at the convention and I will be returning for Pycon Japan 2013.


Here’s the Youtube video for Pycon Japan 2012 keynote speech by Armin Ronacher:



Other Pycon Japan 2012 Youtube videos are located at:



Pycon Japan 2012 information are located at:



Here’s also a quick python trick for setting up on Windows Azure! All you need to do is go to this link http://www.windowsazure.com/en-us/develop/python/and you can start implementing a simple Hello World application written in the Django Python web framework and deploy the application to Windows Azure! Have fun!


What do you think of Pycon Japan 2012? Do you have other great tech events to recommend for us to participate? Do share with us your recommendations in the comments below and we might just do a special report based on your recommendations!





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