Meet Our BizSpark Startups at Tech In Asia Singapore 2017 by Steven Neo

Ready for Tech in Asia Singapore 2017?

Prepare yourself for 2 full days of inspiring keynotes, innovative talks, educational breakouts, and tons of networking. Learn from entrepreneurs and topic experts who have been there, done that across 5 stages – Main Stage, Developer & Product Stage, Startup 101 Stage, Marketing Stage, and Revenue Stage.

Meet our Singapore Microsoft BizSpark Startups that will be exhibiting at Tech in Asia Singapore 2017:

Kobe (Ad Tech): Kobe is a AI-driven advertising platform that pairs advertisers with relevant everyday influencers, leveraging on their ability to broadcast messages to millions of users so that businesses can get represented in front of their target audience in a credible manner.

SMAX Xpert (Analytics): SMAX Xpert is a social media analytics company. We provide customer with insights to the market, their customers and competitors through SaaS.

Regit (Big Data): Regit is an online ecosystem that allow users to share their personal information efficiently, securely, and socially with others. User’s personal information is stored in a Digital Information Vault on a highly secured cloud service that is accessible anytime, anywhere and for any type of transactions where your information is required.

Markedshot (Crowd Sourcing): Businesses today need more images than ever before for prints, designs, marketing, advertising and social media channels.  Markedshot connects photo buyers and photographers together with simple pricing and license as well as other innovations like photo challenges & online image editor.

SKY Optimum Technology (Design): SKY Optimum Technology (SKYOPT) is an interactive technology company that provides a unified interactive visualization solution for users to immerse themselves into a virtual environment. The immersive solution is produced by integrating novel technologies in computer vision and graphics such as augmented, virtual and mixed reality into practical applications.

Dexecure (Developer Tools): Dexecure speeds up websites by automating optimization techniques using latest web technologies.In the ever-changing landscape of network protocols, browser features, and platforms, we provide an abstraction layer for performance-first content delivery. We deliver so that your website never has to compromise on performance.

Learnly (Education): Learnly gives everyone a chance to monetise their skills through a community marketplace for students and tutors to connect. Be it private tuition, group tuition, music lessons and more, tutors are a few taps away on the Learnly app.

CognaLearn (Education): CognaLearn is an education company devoted to applying brain science to improve learning outcomes.

Gnowbe (Enterprise Solution): Gnowbe was built on the latest research and science on how adults learn: not by passive listening but through application and reflection. Gnowbe leverages bite-sized, social learning (chats and messaging) and gamification to encourage active engagement and inspire behavior change. It is designed for the modern learner who needs relevant, new content when they want it, when they need it – right in their pockets.

Kloud-Soft (Enterprise Solution): Kloud-Soft is an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) that operates in developing effective system programmes for the corporate, commercial, and industrial sectors. Our goal is to help your company upgrade to modern practices for today’s highly competitive market landscape. We also specialize in the automation of operations and the digitization of data, allowing you to gain more control over every aspect of your business. Furthermore, our advanced analytic systems can help you discover and take advantage of key opportunities.

8Volution (Enterprise Solution): 8Volution is a unique digital agency that combines both Technology and Digital Marketing as one. Our solutions are made for enterprise ranging from individual to large . We offer business to business solutions, customized web and mobile development and omni-channel solutions that are creatively developed and intended for your business needs. Digital marketing is the promotion of brands and products using all means of electronic devices like cell phones, smart phones, tablets and personal computers.

XWAPP (FinTech): XWAPP is a financial service application that allows users to send funds to other users. Ever had to queue for hours just to get your foreign currencies changed before embarking on a holiday? Running low on those currencies while already on holiday with no visible money changer/ bank in sight? Or paying high remittance fees while sending money to your loved ones back home? Fear not, XWAPP is here to resolve your issues!

Touché – Exhibiting as CoolPay (SEA) (FinTech): Touché is a biometric solution that is transforming how businesses and their clients interact. It provides a unique buying experience combining merchants’ membership and loyalty programmes and payments. This enables rewards and entitlements to be given automatically at the point of interaction. The merchant has access to the buying history of their clients and can create specific offers.

FITTHREE (Food Tech): FitThree is an online service to bring you convenient healthy meals. Simply order your weekly meals on our website and choose your favourite gym as a pick up location.

Babykins (Health): Track your baby’s feeds, diaper changes, sleep and milestones, all in one handy app. Flag entries, create observation notes and share them on the community Q&A to get real-time feedback from other parents. Benchmark your baby’s progress over the last 7 days with similar babies to further understand his/her development.

Park N Parcel (Logistics & Transportation): Park N Parcel is a Singapore based start-up offering an innovative last mile mailing service solution which provides shoppers with a convenient way to collect their online purchases in a hassle free manner by parking the parcels at various collection points which includes your neighbors, cafes, retail stores,convenience stores, and pharmacies.

UI-licious (Others): We are changing the way people deliver high quality web applications. UI-licious allows web development teams to quickly and easily automate user interface tests for their websites.

konbini (Others): konbini supplies vending machines & automated locker systems for the F&B and retail industries.we have customisable hot, cold, frozen and ambient temperature machines to ensure the perfect solution to solve your problems.

Vizili (Real Estate): Vizili is the smart property advisor, a single App to get clear and simple information with recommendations from trusted professionals. We have a unique Visual Analytics platform, with AI Recommender tools that understand users preferences and helps both side of a transaction meet.

Zipnow – Exhibiting as VIH Global Properties (Real Estate): ZipNow is going to change the Real Estate Landscape.

Surge (Artificial Intelligence): Surge leverages voice and email data to automatically enter, clean and complete information into your CRM.

Rendezvous (Enterprise Solution): Automated minutes taker for meetings using various speech-to-text software and creating a transcript from speech.

Fixir (Logistics & Transportation): Fixir is the friend every driver needs. Whether your car breaks downs, needs a polish or is due for a wheel change, we’re here for you. Using Fixir is really simple, you just need to select the service you need and our reliable service providers will come to you in no time!

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